Adventurer Sauté

An Adventure in the War of Gods and Kings Setting


a·nach·ro·nism; noun ; 2. an act of attributing a custom, event, or object to a period to which it does not belong.
-Webster Dictionary

Points of Light: Towns and other civilization centers are described as "points of light" in an otherwise dark age, with the DM encouraged by the guidebook to leave the rest of the world largely unplanned, vague and unpredictable. The deities … are a combination of Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and newly created gods. What cultural uniformity exists … is little.
D&D 4th Edition Setting description, Wikipedia

"Since its announcement 4e has been a source of controversy and trolling… Its supporters consider it to have made D&D simple and fun. Its critics have numerous objections to the system and setting, often referring to it as 'shit twinkie'…"
D&D 4th Edition description, 1d4chan

In a world of darkness, magic, and monsters, civilizations struggle to survive and war with each other. While lords, priests, archmages, and ancient evils strive for their own ambitions, there exists a group of beings separate from the common serf, citizen, or noble. These beings come from all walks of life. They rise from roots both humble and grand, noble and villainous, to stand apart from their common brethren. They manifest as saviors and destroyers, often simultaneously.

Town guardsmen stand vigilant for them. Sages bemoan their existence. Tyrants seek to purge them. The Divine and Damned pause to consider them. Civil claims courts loathe them.

They are adventurers. They seek rewards of fame and riches; pursuing experiences as if could be tallied as points.

These are the stories of some such beings…

Adventurer Sauté